Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Antico Frantoio Petesse"

Our family has been producing oil for more than fifty years, gaining a strong experience in this sector that enable us to produce an oil with a high organoleptic quality.

The Moraiolo variety gives oil particular features, since is one of the varieties with the highest content of polyphenols, very important substances for human health.
Our oil has been certified as organic more than 20 years ago and this enables us to offer a perfectly natural product that respects environment.
The olives come exclusively from our olive trees and pick uped from the plant in October and November during ripening phase, when they start to change their color from green to black and have the highest content of healthy compounds.
Once arrived in the olive mill, they are milled within 12 hours from the harvest to avoid any kind of deterioration that could bring flaws to final product. The method that we use is the cold extraction continuous system, in which the grading temperature never exceed 27° C to avoid alteration of healthy compounds and produce oil of a greater quality. 
All these techniques enable us to produce an oil with a very low level of free acidity (far lower than EU imposed limits for extra virgin), a very low number of peroxides and no tasting or smelling flaws.
Our oil has healthy features thanks to phenolic compounds and also specific gastronomic features: it is very fruity with strong shades of bitter and spicy that match and improve any kind of dish.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Antico Frantoio Petesse Features

Smell: Strongly Fruity
Fruity with well Balanced Shades of Bitter and Spicy
Intense Green
Chemical Parameters:
From the chart you can see how our oil presents values
that demonstrate an higher quality than common extra virgin oil or normal Umbrian PDO oil.

Parameter Extra virgin of common olive Extra virgin Umbrian PDO Organic extra virgin Antico Frantonio Petesse
Free acidity’s maximum percentage (%) 0,8 0,65 0,17
Maximum number of peroxides (meqO2/kg) 20 12 4,17
Minimum of phenolics compounds (meq/kg) NON PREVISTO 125 519
Delta K maximum 0,01 0,008 -0,005
K 232 maximum 2,60 2 1,5
K 270 maximum 0,25 0,20 0,1

Selling: We sell our oil directly to privates following the principle “from producer to consumer”. We ship throughout Italy and abroad.


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