Our farm cares about environmental issues, in fact we have been following the organic method for more than twenty years.

That means that we do not use synthetic chemical products but just organic manuring to facilitate soil fertility. The organic method gives us the chance to produce a natural oil without any contamination and to respect the ecosystem and environment.

We also reuse the wastes from oil production, turning them into resources and increasing the added value.

This has been possible also thanks to the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science of the University of Perugia, with which we have collaborated to carry out important research projects in this field. From olive husk, the solid part of olive that remains after oil extraction, we extract the stones. It is a great combustible used in common pellet stoves.

The olive pulp can be used in two different ways: it can be used with olive tree pruning wastes in order to create a great compost to improve the soil fertility (Ecocompost project); or it can be used as zootechnical food with great benefit for animals and for their products quality (Mansa project). We are able to reuse in a sustainable way all the production wastes, closing the production chain of olive oil production.

Furthermore, our farm participated to"Eco2olio”, a  project created with the idea of measuring and promoting sustainability, examining carbon footprint of some extra-virgin olive oils through the analysis of their life cycle (LCA).

It also shows how the olive growing run by organic methods reduce environmental impact and CO2 emissions, comparing to conventional methods.